tutorial: Herringbone stitch variation 4

tutorial: Herringbone stitch variation 4

Variation 4

For this version you wrap the previous stitch before making the next one. I would call this stitch wrapped herringbone, probably there is a real name out there. If you know the real name be so kind and put it in the comments.

herringbone stitch variation 4

Put the needle from right to left under the previous stitch. Pull through.

herringbone stitch variation 4

Make the next herringbone stitch as usual.

herringbone stitch variation 4

Put the needle under the previous stitch from right to left. Pull through and make the next stitch as usual.

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  1. Yes, it is from your “old” tutorials.

    I am loving herringbone stitch. I learned it from my grandma, who called this stitch “caballito” (little horse). This is the name of herringbone we use in my family… probably in my country, El Salvador. 😉

  2. Hi, Anne. This is my first version of this wrapped herringbone stitch. I think is not quite like yours. I will practice more.

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