Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Some sweater updates today! My hands are much better now thanks to hardcore resting, which is not easy at all for a person like me who uses to have something in her hands all the time.

So I slowly increased my knitting time this week and made some progress on the men’s sweater Alyn. I’m at the part now where I have to read instructions for the arms.


Also in the picture are the 2 books I’m currently reading. One is about shadow gardens and one is a book about mulching. Maybe this year I have a space to actually do some gardening outside my balcony?


This is the ALMOST finished arm candy sweater by Amy Herzog. The neckband is still missing and it’s probably only 30min of time to knit and attach this, but you know …


  1. Both of your sweaters are beautiful! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! 🙂

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