quail chicks and frogging

quail chicks and frogging

I made this cardigan some time ago. It was my first yoked cardi and I learned to knit backwards for this because working stranded knitting in the purls is not my cup of tea and steeking would have made my stomach hurt with this thin and slippery 100% Alpaca yarn.


Sadly the cardigan never really fit. It was wide enough, but when I closed the buttons it showed whole between the buttonbands. I don’t know if its been the alpaca which naturally is much more wobbly and unstable in comparison to wool or something else I have not yet figured out (I have another alpaca cardigan, which I never close, because of this, but at least that fits well). Additionally the yoke is weird. I have never worn another yoked sweater or cardigan, so I don’t know if it’s supposed to feel like this, but I don’t like the way it lays on the shoulders and upper arms. It feels like it slips off if you don’t watch out and pull it up every now and then. I guess the yoke is to long.

So what do you do with knitted things you don’t like to wear? Yes, frog it or alter it.


I decided to frog the yoke completely and in that process the buttonbands, too. I want to make a raglan out of it and attach the front middle seam to each other, how I don’t have decided yet. I want to close the seam because I’d like to have it as a sweater.


These balls are the whole yoke! And yes I could have wound all matching colors on one ball.


Our quail chicks hatched on Sunday and Monday! So cute and they will begin to get their first coat of real feathers soon and not look like fluffy balls of tweeting joy anymore. 28 lovely japanese quail, most are penguins (colorwise!) and some mixed colors I’m not sure about yet. These are our first chicks from our own eggs, so this is very exciting!


  1. Agreed, it looks gorgeous but if never worn, best frogged.

  2. What a shame that cardigan didn’t quite fit, because it looks lovely, but if something doesn’t fit and never gets worn it’s good to be ruthless and just frog it I think. I’ve done the same recently, with an early knitting project, which was so stretchy it only looked good if I carefully draped it on myself and then didn’t move a muscle. 😉

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