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This post is written while a jackhammer is demolishing stuff in the floor below – like it has been many a day in the last weeks. So bear with me if I’m talking nonsense. The last couple of weeks – months actually – have been a challenge. Balancing family and working from home is not the easiest, but when the surroundings evolve in a direction you don’t like or can’t live with it’s somewhat demoralizing. Without going much into detail, we found our right path to not only make do with what we got, but forge plans to improve our situation and move forward (literally).


This whole time this blog has been awfully neglected. There are so many projects and plans in progress, most I cannot show yet and I have limited my work time to have more time with family and especially for my home, which has seen tidier days. Surprisingly I use my limited working time much more efficient and with more passion than before. I’m getting more done and it feels very good to still achieve things while spending time with the kids and make a more comfortable home for us all.

I’m reading lots of stuff about meal planning, tidying up and so on. Mostly this blog: Like Mother Like Daughter. I like her approach to a resonably clean and organized home. She is a mother of 6 if I read that right and has a similar sense like my mother. It’s not important to make a Magazine-photoshoot-home, but a home that is comfortable and practical to life in. With kids, things never look like in a magazine, if you don’t have a really rare form of kid that cleans up behind YOU.

I’m so impressed how mothers with many children keep up with all the house-stuff. I have 2 and it’s hard enough for me. What I have learned quickly through my children early on is the routine. A dreaded word before my sons birth, but routine is the key to keep you and your kids sane.

Sorry this post has nothing crafty in it, but there will be craft related stuff soon!

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