chilies and indigo weaving

chilies and indigo weaving


My chili embroidery is going quite well. I’ve not yet decided how many chilies I want to put on the bag, but I think I’ll add one or two on the top section and then sew it into a bag to hold my dried chilies. Working chain stitch is very relaxing and it goes quite fast!


The next project I have started is weaving with this beautiful indigo cotton yarn. It’s frogged from another project I did not have any use for and it always screamed for being woven, instead of knitted up. So I had this vision of indigo placemats when I frogged the yarn since placemats are just the size I can weave with the small handloom I have.

My weaving experience is limited to start weaving until 3 or 5cm and then let it be. I really never ever have finished a weaving project. This is partially because I never understand why the weaving slims towards the middle the more you weave. This does stress me out everytime and it happened with my indigo weaving again. I don’t want an hourglass-shaped placemat, but the fabric is so beautiful, that I can’t stop weaving. I’m over the middle section now and think it’s save to say, that this will be the first time ever, I finish weaving something.

Nevertheless, I will look into the vastness of the internet and seek for solutions for the various problems that came up while weaving. These problems have kept me from weaving long enough, it’s time to tackle them!



  1. Maybe blocking will help? Love yourr chilis

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