Christmas Crafting List

Christmas Crafting List

Over the last years, I have made a couple of winter and Christmas Crafting Projects. Here they are all in one place so that you can find it easily. The list contains DIYs from tutorials/patterns made by me and some other sites, some free, some for purchase. I don’t receive anything in return for listing something, these projects are all made with the excitement of trying something out.

I will continue to add current Christmas related projects to this list to keep this page updated.

Contains Advertisement (unpaid)


1. Paper ball. Blogged herePattern. 2. Paper stripe star. Blogged herePattern. 3. Folded Paper star. Blogged herePattern.


4. Geometric Candles. Blogged herePattern. 5. & 6. Beeswax candles. Blogged here.



7. Knitted gift box ornament. Blogged here. Pattern. 8. Snowflake Mandala. Blogged here + Pattern. 9. DIY Advent Calender. Blogged here.


10. Knitted Christmas Stockings. Blogged here + Pattern. 11. Reindeer Hand Puppet. Blogged here + Pattern. 12. Snowflake Ornaments. Blogged here + Pattern.


13. Felt Star Tree Topper. Blogged herePattern. 14. Sweet Home Ornaments. Blogged herePattern.


christmas crafting list

christmas crafting list

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