DIY: embroidered mini pouches

DIY: embroidered mini pouches

A while ago I got my hands on a sheet of beautifully woven cotton fabric. I wanted to do something embroidered with it, because the woven structure was simple yet interesting enough to take a closer look. I ended up cutting it into pieces of roughly 15x10cm/6x4inch then embroidered some simple motifs on it.


To turn it into a pouch sew together the sides and bottom but leave 2,5cm/1inch open at the top of the side seams. Fold these towards the middle and stitch it in place. Then fold the top of the pouch twice and sew it at the bottom line of the fold. This makes a tunnel for the drwastring you then add.



I use mine for various herbs from the garden and the meadows. I usually have only small quantities of these, because I don’t need that much over one year. You can change the size for your own pouches of course. I think of them as little embroidery samplers in action 🙂



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