embroidery: Am Kamin

embroidery: Am Kamin

When things go odd in my life (don’t worry, nothing I can’t handle) I have a place in my heart where I retreat to. I surround myself with things, research, films and work that relates to that place where I have always felt save and where I can breathe out.

This place is my imaginary cabin in the woods with a huge fireplace and warm wool blankets and only the sound of nature around, the smell of baked food in the air and the crispy cold nights with the endless starry sky outside.





For a long time I thought this cabin was the house I wanted to live in, but the truth is, it’s too isolated, too lonely for me to really live there forever. So this little cabin in my heart will stay a retreat only for myself when I need it most.

PS: Somehow I want to knit that sweater now 😀



  1. Such exquisite work.

  2. that cabin sounds perfect. sigh
    love the embroidery. 🙂

  3. gorgeous embroidery, and a lovely story of retreating. It’s so important to have that place 🙂

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