Enjoy the summer

Enjoy the summer

The last days were the hottest days for a long time here in Germany. On Saturday when we celebrated my son’s 10th Birthday it was 39 degrees (Celsius – that’s 102° Fahrenheit) outside. We nearly melted away, but it was a great party nevertheless. On Sunday the kids and I went to my father’s house at the lake and though it was really hot, it’s so much more bearable when you can jump into the water whenever you want.


I used the opportunity to shoot some new photos of my fox hand puppet. Somewhere on my way of product photography I chose to not take my pictures on humans, but on a neutral background.This was partly because my camera back then didn’t make a great job taking pictures of bright colored stuff especially not while moving around on the hand of a 3-year old.

Now with a very much better camera and a calmer daugther, I made a new attempt to take some photos. The light was so perfect and we had fun doing this together. The photo above is the one I took, the photo below is the one she took. I like how different the mood of both pictures is although they were taken minutes apart of another.



Yes, we had a little bit of fun.


I knitted a bit on my green sock prototype, but you know how great it is to knit in warm weather. I stopped when the yarn didn’t want to slide around my fingers anymore.

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

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