Finished garments

Finished garments

A while ago I have showed you a cabled red sweater and a red corset handsewn after an Alabama Chanin pattern. I’ve finished and worn both but never got around photographing it. So here they are:


The Alyn sweater is very comfortable to wear and I guess I will have to make a second for me (that’s the third Alyn then if you include the one I knit for my dearest)


I just loved to sew this by hand. I can use my sewing machine and for larger projects with straight lines I prefer to use it, but sewing by hand is my favorite. Especially with stretchy velvet I would have had problems using my sewing machine, but by hand – no problem. I will definetly try one of the bigger projects like a fitted dress, too, someday.

The corset is quite short in the front and a little bit longer in the back. I would make it 2cm longer in the front and back next time because I’m not comfortable with a hem ending right at my belt. It just feels like my belly shows all the time, even if it doesn’t. The longer back is very comfortable especially if you don’t like the gap between pants and top when you sit down.


The neckline and armholes  are embellished and fixated with a chain stitch variety. The stitching flattens the “bulk” of the bias tape which would otherwise tend to look more like a pipe with elastic fabric like jersey or velvet.


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