free knitting pattern: Happy K

free knitting pattern: Happy K

My sister’s birthday wish this year was a blue slouchy hat with a light yarn and pattern. She has beautiful light red hair and the color she picked makes her hair shine even more. Since it’s her birthday and I made the calculations anyway, I’ll give you this pattern as a gift, too. It’s adult size and quite wide to sit loosely on the head. It’s not too long, so you can fold the brim and wear it as a cap, too. I’m tempted to make one for me actually!

The wool this hat is made from is Lamana Como, a new yarn. It’s unbelievably soft and light. The weight is spectacular for the length (25g for 120m), that’s why you should double the amount of yarn stated below, if you substitute it for another one. The hat in the Como yarn is 50g.

You can take the inscriptions here or download the pattern here as PDF or at the following websites: youtube craftsy makerist kollabora


Happy K – hat knitting pattern

Finished measurements
circumference: 52cm/20.5inch
length: 24,5cm/ 9.65inch

Gauge (in eyelet pattern)

Lamana Como; 100% wool; 120m, 25g per skein
color: petrol (24) 2 skeins
set of 4 double pointed knitting needles (DPNs) size 3mm/ 2.5 US[/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last]Abbreviations
CO cast on
** repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed
st(s) stitch(es)
k1 knit one stitch
p1 purl one stitch
k2tog knit two stitches together – one stitch decreased
ssk slip, knit, pass stitch over – one stitch decreased
rnd(s) round(s)
rep repeat(s)
pm place marker[/two_columns_one_last][/blue_box]

Half brioche stitch
Round 1: Purl all stitches.
Round 2: *p; knit into the stitch of the round below*
Repeat round 1 and 2.

Eyelet pattern
Knit all even rounds.
Round 1: P4, k5, k2tog, k1, yo.
Round 3: K1, p3, k4, k2tog, k1, yo, p1.
Round 5: K2, p2, k3, k2tog, k1, yo, p2.
Round 7: K3, p1, k2, k2tog, k1, yo, p3.
Round 9: Yo, k1, ssk, k5, p4.
Round 11: P1, yo, k1, ssk, k4, p3, k1.
Round 13: P2, yo, k1, ssk, k3, p2, k2.
Round 15: P3, yo, k1, ssk, k2, p1, k3.

1 . CO 90sts and join in the round.
2. Work half brioche stitch for 32 rounds.
3. Knit one round. AT THE SAME TIME: knit through the front and back loop of every 5th stitch.
=> 108sts on the needles
4. Work in eyelet pattern for the next 56 rounds (3.5 pattern repeats).
5. Crown shaping:
1st round: *k5, k2tog, k2, p3*
2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th round: knit every stitch
3rd round: *k4, k2tog, k2, p2, k1*
5th round: *k3, k2tog, k2, p1, k2*
7th round: * k2, k2tog, k5*
9th- 14th (every) round: * knit to one stitch before the k2tog of the round below, k2tog*
6. Cut the thread and pull it through all remaining stitches.
7. Sew in the ends.



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