Free pattern: the heart card

Free pattern: the heart card


It’s that time of the year again. Hearts popping up everywhere. My gift for you today is a geometric-style heart card you can make for your sweetheart!


You’ll need:

  • 6stranded embroidery floss in red (DMC 321)
  • blank card or folded card stock
  • embroidery needle, scissors, sewing pin
  • heart motif: 13.5x9cm/5.3×3.5inch (download PDF here)


vk2 vk1

1. Transfer the Pattern to your card by sticking a needle or pin through the joints of the heart
pattern. This works best if you tape the pattern to the card with removable masking tape.

vk3 vk4

2. Stitch all the lines with 3 strands of thread and try to avoid long lines on the reverse side. To
start the thread make a big knot which does not pull through the hole. For ending the thread
make one or two knots around the previously stitched thread on the reverse side like shown in
the picture above.
If you want to hide the stitches on the inside of the card, cover it with a blank sheet of paper.



Also take a look at my free heart mandala pattern.



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