Lambs and holidays

Lambs and holidays

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We have been enjoying the Easter holidays over here. Visiting family and having fun. Until Friday the weather was nasty cold and wet with some snowy sprinkles. Luckily April gave us a rest and decided we have suffered enough – Saturday and Sunday were just right – cold but very sunny.




We visited a dairy sheep farm not far from here run by two women. There were lots and lots of lambs, many friendly people and lambchops and delicious cheese. They breed the rare sheep breed of Krainer Steinschaf also called Bovska from Slovenia and Ostfriesisches Milchschaf (East friesian Sheep).

The rare Bovska sheep have a long and sturdy wool which appears to felt very well and is often used for carpets and other sturdier things. The people on the farm make woven seat pads from it (they give the wool to a local company to process and weave).

The east friesian sheep are a very common breed for milk here in Germany. The sheperdess said that they give more milk than the Bovska, but they are also less resilient. Their wool is curlier and a little bit softer. I will try to get some wool of both breeds next time and experiment! It will be exciting to feel the difference.



What I liked most about the farm was that they use local and organic feed for the sheep, they process and distribute all of their products regionally and the sheep have a lot of space to graze on. In this area of the country we have lots of water meadows and small rivers which can’t be used for wheat or corn and this gives extensive organic livestock farming a chance to be profitable.

Here is their website. All in German but you can see some pictures of the sheep there.


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