more baby hats

more baby hats

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Babies grow – what a discovery – and with the cold weather approaching the super cute baby hat with earflaps (pattern from Purl Bee) I knitted for a friend’s newborn baby in spring, is now getting tight around the head. Alas, I thought I made it large enough to last the hole winter, but you know – babies grow faster than you plan.

So I’m knitting a new one in toddler size and I hope he can wear it a bit longer then.


In other news: Today in the morning I had my car outside in front of the house and it was frozen with ice. It’s now offically autumn I suppose! When I bring the kids to schol in the morning, the sun just rises and we have fog almost everyday now. So enchanting! I wish I could drive the way to school by bike to enjoy the scenery more, but there sadly is no save and short way to cycle with two kids. With the freezing weather come out my woolen sweaters and hats and scarves… hmm… it’s so great to have all these handknits to warm you and the whole family!

Joining in with Ginny and Nicole.



  1. Elise and Life: October 1, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    noooo it’s not time for car scraping yet! Love that hat though, wouldn’t mind the cold if it means I can get my hats out again I suppose 😉

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