Olaf in a tin

Olaf in a tin

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My little niece celebrated her birthday this weekend.Looking for handmade gifts in Pinterest I found this incredibly cute mouse in bed in a tin box, that I wanted to make quite a long time. Luckily I had one, which had a not-so-much-childfriendly quote with gummibaers on it. I sanded the print and painted it with 2 layers of white acrylic paint. In the 2nd layer I sprinkled some iridescent very small paillettes.

My niece is into “Frozen” like many girls nowadays (and I can’t blame her for that) and at first I wanted to make an Elsa doll (and maybe a 2nd as Anna), but it turns out if you don’t have the right felt tone for skin, everything looks weird. And I failed at the face and hair and then I decided to go with Olaf, because nobody can ruin a snowman.


I attached little patches of pink felt to the blanket to make it look like a cozy quilt. I glued in the yellow base felt and the window.

The red reindeer was a dala horse first, then I decided there should be a reindeer. Luckily my niece was smart enough to recognize it at first sight.


She loved it immediately! I know I would have loved it as a child, too. Tiny things certainly have their own charme.


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