poems and ufos

poems and ufos


For a family members garden party I wrote this beautiful poem on green linen fabric. At first I wanted to embroider it, but the letters are so small, it would have taken ages to make this acurate enough and not look odd. I’ve yet to master lettering with stitches – that’s something I adore in other people’s embroidery work and I think I will practice this more in the future.


I wrote the poem in a pretty font I felt could be written by hand easily, printed and window-traced it. I use masking tape left over from painting the rooms to attach the paper and fabric. It leaves no trace and can be removed easily from most surfaces. I used a ball pen to write on fabric. I think you should not wash it, but there are waterresistant ink pens out there, too. Since eit’s not likely someone puts a framed “print” into the washer I thought it’s ok to use a normal pen. If you want to make your own, try out if the pen and fabric work well together on a corner which is later hidden or a scrap piece of the same fabric.


The poem is by Karl Gerok “Der stille Garten” from 1861. It is very long, but I liked the first part most.


At the weekend I cleaned up my workspace. So much stuff in tiny boxes that actually had a place elsewhere but never made it to these places. It’s incredible how much space you can set free by putting things where they belong. This sounds so basic, but don’t we all sometimes put things aside and not where they should?

I found some longterm UFOs, too. Projects that needed the finishing touch, not more. Saturday evening I took them and finally ended their misery of being unfinished. The lap blanket needed edging (I lazily crocheted in all loose ends of the golden seams instead of sewing them in), the baby pants needed the second strap and buttons, the orange square where supposed to be little pouches, but I repurposed them to napkins, the checkered round bag needed 3 hand sewn seams to finish off (it’s a felt-lined embroidery hoop bag like this one), the square zipper bag is a project from my embroidery book, which I repurposed as a DPN-case.

Then I frogged two prototype baby pants and a cuff prototype. No need to lay around if there is other stuff you can do with it. The blue yarn is a jeans-like yarn from rowan and I would like to weave something with it. It has a great texture, but I don’t like knitting with cotton so much. Weaving will suit thie yarn better.


Then on Sunday I experimented a little bit with a lace pattern. I’m trying out to alter patterns and look what difference it makes to use garter stitch instead of plain stockinette etc. This is fun and makes my head think more about structures of patterns.

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