At the beginning of every project there is an idea. Sometimes it cirles around my head a long time before I have a clear vision of it, sometimes I can start right away. The project I’m working on right now is one of those long term ideas. The drawing you see above is from 2013. The day I made this sketch I also painted a large painting from it with acrylic paint – in 4 hours. When you are in the zone you just HAVE to paint – nothing else is of interest. Phases like these are so productive it’s hard to believe later on how you made it in such a short time.

The theme with the mountain and the crystals and the stars never let go of me. The painting is sitting on the sideboard the living room so I see it all the time. It’s one of those paintings that stand for a certain period of my life. This is now.


It’s not a surprise, that I had the urge to implement this picture in my textile passion, too. So I started with a felt underground and white thread to outline the greater picture – it’s difficult to transfer motifs to thick dark felt so I stitched without transfering.


When the outlines where done I realized, this is not going to work the way I wanted it to look like. Sometimes things look different in your head than in the finished object. So why continue if it’s not even in the right position – and too small the size?

The scissors made their entrance and removed the unloved stitches spreading over the felt. Don’t fear starting over. Life is too short to make stuff you don’t like while you are doing them!


After some reconsideration I changed the concept and cut out felt triangles randomly. Like a puzzle! First I glued them slightly on the felt, then appliquéd  with matching threads (1strand of 6stranded embroidery thread – sewing thread works well, too).


Now we are going somewhere! I love the colors and it’s so easy to sew on felt patches. Now I’m off to beginning the mountain and stars section. We’ll see how it will turn out.


Sewing along with the Keep Calm and Craft On folks.


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