remake of the woodland creatures

remake of the woodland creatures

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3 years ago I found the beautiful animal sketches of German illustrator Katrin Wolff (her style has changed drastically over the last years and it’s great to see she has evolved her skills, too! Here is what she did when she created my sketches). I loved them all and immediately thought they would complement my embroidery. This was right at the beginning of my embroidery journey (although it feels like I have been embroidering much longer than 3 years :O) and I was too insecure to create my own patterns as I do now.

original woodland embroidery

So I asked if she would be interested and she was! She sketched me a set of 5 woodland creatures and it took me half a year to get all things right. I experimented with color pencils on fabric before stitching and embroidered on top of it. The magpie I stitched on a bright blue patterned fabric. This original embroidery is still near to my heart as it marks the beginning of a fruitful and creative new path in my embroidery skills, but it also is somewhat outdated now. My skills have developped, the pattern never calls for coloring the fabric before stitching, I “composed” the 4 animals in such a way, that I could not shoot a good photo of them and also the magpie has been seperate, too.


So last weekend I decided to remake the woodland animals and I’m so glad I did! I slightly changed some colors to reduce the amount of different colors you’d need to make all 5 of them. Also I sticked more to the original sketch – especially for the dashed lines.

tiere2 tiere3

So far I like it a lot and I could finally make a decent photo with all of them together!



  1. beautiful stitching!

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