Running Horse embroidery pattern

running horses embroidery cushion cover

When I was a teenage girl I loved what most girls love during that time: horses! That feeling of the fur against your hand, this giant animal following you from the pastures so calm and majestic.  And of course riding along the fields and in the forests. It is magical!

Since then, horses have only been in the back of my head until my little girl wanted to learn horseback riding, too. It all came back when I walked into the saddle room – the smell of leather and horse hair. Isn’t it crazy how deep memories go when you remember a certain smell or hear a particular sound? For example, hearing a sawmill in the morning always reminds me of summer vacation at my grandma 😀

running horse embroidery pattern

The Running Horse embroidery pattern brings the wonderful spirit of horses back into your home. All horse shapes are done in chain stitch. This makes it a great project for new and advanced embroiderers.

You can do multiple horse silhouettes like in the picture above or rearrange to a centered single horse shape. Instructions include how to sew the cushion cover (even by hand, if you don’t have a sewing machine) with a simple zipper construction.

Running Horse embroidery pattern – cushion cover

Embroidery skills:
chain stitch
Finished measurements:
each horse shape is about 10cm/4inch wide

Buy the pattern on Etsy and Craftsy.


running horses embroidery cushion cover


  1. I love this cushion! Beautiful colors, and so joyful.

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