socks and felting

socks and felting


I knitted a pair of socks out of the Finkhof sockyarn. It’s thicker than the usual sockyarn – I would say it’s like a 6ply sockyarn. I used 50 stitches to make them and used a knit and purl pattern for the leg part forming a plain stockinette triangle in the front. My feet look really big in the picture, I was wearing a second pair of woolen socks underneath. The new socks are for really cold times or guests to pull over.


The kids and I tried out felting balls. I had a small stash of wool for spinning and we watched this video (it’s in german – here is an english one) and started right away. I have to admit felting is not my cup of tea at least wet felting. I have not yet tried out needle felting but it seems to be more relaxing than wet felting to me – after all I like working with needles. The white ball with the brown wrapping has a rattle inside and is for the cats to play with. I have not yet got the hang of making a perfectly round ball yet. One side is plain and beautiful and the other side is a crumbly mess. I guess it’s a matter of practice and P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.

filz3 filz1

Joining in with Ginny and Nicole.


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  1. I hear you with the wet felting! My youngest son loves to do it but I find it a little tedious.

  2. Your socks look so warm and comfy.

  3. Great socks! They look cozy and warm. Perfect for this time of year!

    If you’re interested, I’d love to have you link up to my Yarn Fanatic Party!

  4. Those socks look so warm! Felting is a fun activity with the little ones.

  5. Love your socks – they look lovely and warm. Needle felting is addictive – you would love it, I’m sure! I have been doing some this week after not doing it for ages. Now it is all I feel like crafting on.

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