Tutorial: How to make a Pompom

Tutorial: How to make a Pompom

Cut 2 circles of cardboard. For this hat we need a size of 8cm/ 3.15inch in diameter. The hole in the middle must be centered and measures 2,5cm/1inch.



Cut long pieces of yarn and fold it in the middle twice. Then begin to wind it around the cardboard donut. Repeat until you the middle hole is too thin to pull the yarn through. Use a crochet hook to get the yarn through the hole when it’s to thin to pull it with your hands.


With sharp scissors cut the threads along the two cardboard circles.


Wind a sturdy thread around the pompom between the cardboard circles. Pull it really tight and knot together. Repeat once.


Pull the cardboard circles out or cut them open if you don’t want to use the circles again. Cut off outstanding threads and make the pompom even. Be carefull not to cut the attached strings as you will need them later.


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