Tutorial: Wrapped stitches

Tutorial: Wrapped stitches

The second part of this series is showing you how to knit wrapped stitches. Unlike the bobble we have seen yesterday, wrapped stitches will not get knitted back and forth to create a three-dimentional effect. The wrapped stitch is made by taking a certain amount of stitches (I use 3 here) around which the working thread is wrapped several times.

Here is how you work the wrapped stitch


1. Put 3 stitches on a seperate short needle (like glove needles) or a savety pin.


2. Wrap the working thread around these 3 stitches anti-clockwise 5 times (this depends very much on the thickness of your yarn – the thicker the less wraps you’ll need).


3. Put the working thread behind the knitting and put the 3 wrapped stitches back on your needle.


Here is a slightly different version of a wrapped stitch. This stitch only works for smaller amounts of stitches, but is much faster than the version above.


1. Stick the right needle behind the first 2 stitches and catch the thread.


2. Pull the thread through, creating a loop.


3. Put the loop on the left needle.


4. Purl the first stitch (the loop).


5. Slip the next 2 stitches on the right needle


6. Pull the purled stitch over the 2 slipped stitches.


7. Continue in pattern.


Here is a comparison between the two versions. The wrapped stitches below create a very distinct texture, while the tiny stitches above are more decent.


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