welcoming new family members

welcoming new family members

May I present you Mo the kitten. She is occupying my seacoast sweater at the moment – turns out she likes natural sheep wool. With Mo the extremely curious and sweet Mi moved into our home.

They moved in on Friday and it already feels like they were here all our lives. Mi and Mo are 4 month old and both have an issue with their right eye when they got infected with cat flu right after they were born by their wild cat mother. The very patient and sweet Woman who found and took care of Mi, Mo and their two other siblings (who had no issues with their eyes) called me back after I called an animal shelter in Berlin if they have kittens in our region.

We visited her and instantly fell in love with Mi and Mo. They can do everything despite the infected eye and were so trustful and cuddly from the very first minute. I have had contact with many cats in my life and we had one when I lived in Japan, but never have I ever found such trusting souls like these two.


So, knitting! I knit a lot at the moment. The seacoast sweater was finished. I tried it on. Realized that I managed to make one sleeve larger than the other and the larger one fitted me better (5 stitches made the difference). So I unravelled the first sleeve, which was worked in the amount of stitches written in the pattern and added 5 extra stitches on the underarm-cast-on. Luckily sleeves on top-down sweaters are not much work because most of the work is already done when you have reached the underarms.

Over all this sweater is really nice to knit up. The stitch patterns are very easy to remember, there is always something to count, but not too much to drive one crazy. In the picture you can see my ingenious way to mak the increase round for me to remember that I should increase some time soon. I put bobby pins into the increased stitch. It’s not that you need it for counting, but it’s a subtle reminder, that you should increase soon. I tend to forget this when knitting in stockinette for rounds and rounds. When the space between pin and needle grows I’m more cautious and count through the previous rounds if I need to increase again.

Some people may remember what number of round they are knitting in stockinette – I never do. It’s like the continuous knit stitches suck out every bit of memory space out of my mind. Maybe I should buy a row-counter tool, but guess what I would forget to click it and then count the rows nevertheless being unsure if I have clicked every row.

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  1. The sweater looks great – gorgeous colour. And Mo looks right at home!!

  2. lovely cat(s). We rescued five over the summer and found someone to foster them and adopt them out. It was not easy. I never use a counter, but if I am looking at miles of stockinette I put a locking marker when I pick it up so I can see how much I’ve knit during my session.

  3. The sweater looks lovely, and so does Mo! We took in kittens from a rescue shelter a couple of years ago now, and they have been such fun. Because they’ve been with us from such a young age (they were around 3-4 months old) they have never been worried about our three (often quite boisterous) boys and go to cuddle with them all the time.

    I know what you mean about counting rows with stockinette – I actually tried a row counter a while ago but it was exactly as you are describing it – I just ended up forgetting to click and had to count the rows anyway to make sure it was right!

    • Yes, we thought so, too. The kids can be loud and troublesome and if the cats are not used to this it’s just not comfortable for them.
      Thank you for your observations on the row counter!

  4. Hello from California. Your sweater is lovely. But, what really brought a smile to my face is your story of Mi and Mo. I commend you for adopting such lovely little kitties. I wish more people could do as you did. My cat Lilly is a rescue kitty and we’ve had her 8 years this month. Mi and Mo are blessed creatures to have found a home with you. I wish you the best 🙂

  5. How lovely! I miss having cats, but vowed to have a ‘cat break’ after losing two within months of each other last year. The seacoast sweater looks a lovely design 🙂

  6. Beautiful cat and beautiful knitting. 🙂

  7. Love this cozy picture. You are ingenious!

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