the sunset thingy

the sunset thingy

We are having a lot of weird weather lately as it tends to be in April. Rain and sun, rain and sun. Usually I can admire the most beautiful sunsets from my working space, but April is greedy and hides them behind a thick layer of clouds most of the time. BUT! One I could take a photograph of to share with you.



After editing the photos I think maybe this sunset has influenced my choice of color for this new knitting project, don’t you think? Yellow and pink are not my usual colors to work with in knitting. Somehow these two called my name very loudly as I went by the wool storage to choose skeins for my next scarf pattern. I have not much to show you, because I’m very excited about it and only want to share it when it’s finished. It’s funny how inspiration comes and goes. The idea to this one came at the diner table, right after I planned a new collection of knitting patterns. Now I HAVE to postphone these, because this yellow and pink thingy just has to go first.

wolle03 wolle04

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