Summer days and starting projects

Summer days and starting projects

Summer has kicked in over here changing from unbearably hot to refreshing rainy days every couple of days. Last week I had my first car accident when I drove the kids back from school. I was sick, didn’t eat and drink enough and my blood pressure was very low. It was 34°C (93°F) which is way too hot if your car’s only ventilation is regulated by opening or closing the windows. Long story short, I got unconcious while driving but we had the most luck we could have had and nothing but a cracked side mirror happened. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the man who drove by and helped getting me and my kids save home and that it went how it went.


Above you can see my organizer for the embroidery stitch flashcards. I like to have a physical copy of my work and being able to scribble translations on them and flip through them is very fun. I’m thinking about making a printable out of them once I finished the main stitches – what do you think? Am I the only one who loves things like this? It’s like collecting embroidery stitch cards.


Making embroidery stitch tutorials is a lot of fun for me, but looking at the same fabric and thread all the time is not. Because of that I started 4 new projects. I knew you’d understand that. 3 of them are work anyway, the weaving project is the only ‘real just for fun’ project. I can see, that I have developped a strong affection for pink and turquoise.



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