Adventures in crossing stitches – a mother-daughter-collaboration

Recently I have been working on a project with my mother. She is a gifted embroiderer and has made some beautiful motifs in cross stitch over the last years to make gifts from. Around christmas we got the idea, that it would be a shame to let these gorgeous patterns sit in storage for years to come and decided to make digital patterns out of them.


My mother has a different style than me, but we share our love for bold colors and playful motifs. We also love adventures and travel so I picked the name “Adventures in crossing stitches”. For me exploring the textile world is like an adventure and for my mother it is very adventurous to publish her ideas.

So the first series in our collaboration are these colorful underwater world creatures.


The first pattern set includes 7 straight forward cross stitch fish motifs. It’s easy to stitch and a great beginner pattern.
Buy here:
craftsy dawanda etsy kollabora makerist


The second pattern set includes 9 cross stitch fish motifs with additional straight lines. The motifs are embroidered on a slightly darker fabric to emphasize the bright colors and white outlines.
Buy here:
craftsy dawanda etsy kollabora makerist



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