Become a Patron for the embroidery stitch lexicon

Become a Patron for the embroidery stitch lexicon

Today I have something very special talk about. During the last months my focus changed from designing patterns to making more embroidery tutorials. I believe in the power of knowledge being accessible for everyone. However, I, too have to pay bills and making free tutorials sadly is not going to do that. The working hours I have are reserved for making new designs and organzing my pattern business. I would love to dedicate much more time to the teaching aspect of embroidery, but this is only possible if I get payed for my tutorials. There is the cat biting it’s tail. On one side I want free access for all of you but then I would have to limit the access by placing a price tag on it.

Luckily there is a simple solution for this: Patreon.

Patreon is a platform similiar to Kickstarter where you can support your artist of choice so he or she will be able to grow their business or simply do what they are best in. Maybe you have heard of it when Knitty, the biggest online knitting magazine, startet a Patreon campaign to be able to continue?

The difference to kickstarter is that it works more like a subscription. Patreon offers to subscribe for a monthly or per thing system – I will go for a monthly subscription. Every Patron gets to see a special Feed where I post behind the scenes stuff, all tutorials and videos, polls for future tutorials and an occasional free pattern.

Of course every tutorial, article and video will be published here, too, for everybody to use and see without paying anything. So why should you even consider paying for something that’s available for free anyways?

  1. There will be some behind the scenes stuff, that will not be available elsewhere.
  2. Through the polls and the community section of Patreon you have the chance to interact with me and fellow embroidery enthusiasts and influence which embroidery tutorials I might do next.
  3. Making a monthly income from my tutorials enables me to switch my focus from design work to teach work.
  4. There are some milestones at which I would be able to hire other professionals to help me make my tutorials even better and push them to the next level. I’m thinking about an Illustrator to make a graphic for every stitch and a webdesigner who makes the stitch lexicon more interactive and easy to use.
  5. One of the Patreon rewards include a monthly pattern that you can download for free during that month!
  6. You support an artist who wants to share her knowledge with the world 🙂

Speaking of rewards! The Pumora Patreon Feed will include all the boni described above. You’ll get access to it all no matter if you choose to go with 1$, 3$, 5§ or 10$ per month. I really don’t want to exclude anybody. However, if you decide to contribute 10$+, you will be able to download one of my patterns each month for free.

Thank you for reading this far. Your support in any way means the world for me and makes a huge difference in my life.



Anne is an embroidery enthusiast living in rural north eastern Germany.

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