Changes on the Pumora website

Changes on the Pumora website

Pumora get’s a makeover, but not only that. There are many things changing in my life – more on the inside than outside. Things that were crystal clear are shaking and I’m looking under every stone what’s hidden there.

It began in February when I filmed a beginner course in embroidery with and for Makerist. I suddenly realized how much I miss working with people and how much I actually know. This may sound weird, but even after writing a book and filming a class in embroidery I still have had the feeling I don’t know enough to be a professional. In my personal world somebody has to know everything before he’s allowed to teach it. But who meets this high standard? Furthermore are the mistakes we make on our learning experience not as important and shareworthy as the achievements?


In our beautiful digital world where so many things are shown and shared the dark side of things very rarely come up. No, I don’t like to post pictures of a messy room, dish piles or the creative chaos we call our messy desks. Also, I’m quite sure I would not like a Feed filled with photos all the time.But the Picture that’s emerging is that of a perfect world, where everything works perfectly and instantly – for the others. The mistakes you make yourself are visible to you, you can’t push them away with your middle finger. The misfit stitch you are redoing for the fifth time, the sleeve you sewed into the neckline (yeah… true story). More and more often I read that the progress of learning and making mistakes is important, but it’s also important to share these, too. Because the exchange of learning and experience is so much enhanced if the things you can do wrong are shown. That’s what mostly happens in the comments where everybody tells their anecdotes.

I want to encourage this showing of mistakes and document them here, too. I did this sometimes in text form so others may not repeat them or learn why it did happen so they can learn from it, too. But for the most part, I have kept my mistakes to myself.

Bäume Sticken

The 2nd thing I realized this year is my focus has switched. I’m designing knitting and embroidery patterns for Pumora for almost 6 years now. I have learned A LOT and it was fun most of the time (taxes?). But in the last months, I realized teaching is what makes my heart sing much more than designing.The embroidery stitch lexicon was a strong signal. There were many more signals, but I never truly dared to switch to teacher mode completely because I thought I didn’t know enough. Of course, there still are many things to learn. Textiles are a field so vast you would need many lives to explore and learn everything and exactly that is the point – nobody can know it all, but I would love to play my part and make as much information available as I can.

Because of that, this website will undergo some severe changes. The main part will become the knowledge base. All tutorials will be accessible through the main menu. I will look through every tutorial, merge what is double and correct where needed. The knowledge base will not be accessible through the blog anymore (except the already existing tutorials, I will not delete them for the sake of linking that has been done). The will be available through static pages and I hope this makes it easier to find and navigate through them


The big question for me was then, what should the blog be about when all the interesting stuff is outsourced? The blog will be there, but I will only write if I really have to say something. I got the impression lately that there were only pattern Announcements, Tutorials and here and there a WIP. Things of my interest like the garden, my animals, recipes and my thoughts I kept to myself because I thought it would not really fit in. Now that the knowledge part is out there it leaves space for the things that interest me outside of my work. The blog will become a window through which you can look into another part of my world. Maybe I write nothing for weeks, maybe I write more I don’t know, but for me, it is important to only write when it feels right and no meaningless spam for the sake of ‘you must post twice a day/week to get so and so many follower/readers’.

So far so good, the front page has already morphed and in the course of the next days, I will organize the tutorials step by step.

I wish you a beautiful weekend,


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