Hello again

Hello again

December absorbed me and did not let go of me. I just realized, that I have not posted in a whole month! Lots of stuff was going on, like everywhere else around christmas and the beginning of the new year I suppose. During the last weeks I really had no urge to post and so I didn’t. What’s the point of meaningless posts, just to fill the statistics?

Here are some pictures from last weekend. The christmas tree survived 3 weeks past christmas (we put the tree up on the 24th and decorate it all together). Today I put alle the ornaments away and then it’s time to say good bye. On Sunday the light was extraordonarily bright. It was freezingly cold and we had snow for the first time this winter. The kids were sliding on the frozen puddles outside on their bellies (that’s when you are glad you have those ski jumpsuits).

Everything was peaceful and silent and then the light… It was the first time this year I got my camera and took some photos. I’m practicing with the manual mode of my camera – yes I’ve used the automatic mode all the time despite my decent camera. It’s challenging, but it helps me to understand my camera better and gain more control of the outcome of colors which tend to get weird with certain backgrounds when shot with automatic mode.

weihnachten1  mo8 mo9

Some knitting has taken place, too. Super easy yoga socks in orange sock yarn. Yoga socks are socks without the heel and the toe, so basically 2 tubes connected to each other. They are supposed to warm the feet without the unevitable sliding away during practice because sock yarn has no grip. With these the heel and front of the foot are bare and you can stand properly without having cold feet. At least that’s the thought – I have not yet tried it out.



  1. You’ll have to let me know how you get on with thw yoga socks. I went to class last night and my feet were freezing

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