the herringbone ladder

the herringbone ladder


Category: line stitch family, back stitch group

Use: borders, filling stitch

Translations: Hexenleiter(-stich) (DE); point de piqûre croisé (FR); punto escapulario en escaleta (ES); Barra Entrelaçada (PRT)

herringbone ladder

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Anne is an embroidery enthusiast living in rural north eastern Germany.


  1. […] I had been thinking how I’d love to do some embroidery but never seem to have the time. So to clear my mind, I browsed through pictures of embroidery, of crochet, and of embroidery combined with crochet and there it was…a new stitch I hadn’t tried, called the herringbone ladder stitch. […]

  2. Great patterns. Your skill and images have inspired my creative energy.
    Nana and granddaughter will get busy on her next visit.
    Thank you

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