In the garden

In the garden

The cranes are back and singing – for that’s the sound of spring. Everything this year is a little bit early. Unlike other parts of the worls we have a still chilly but light springtime. No snow for this early Easter!

On my windowsill are tomatoes, paprika and salad seedlings. We sowed carrots, radish and salad in the raised bed outside. I always wanted to pull a carrot out of the soil! It looks so fun in the garden films, so this year we finally made it. I’m looking forward to see them grow.


In the workshop my cats are curious as always about things that do not use to be there normally. This freshly decluttered project box is now the favorite spot for sleeping (quite uncomfortably). My cats are my favorite coworkers but also my biggest distraction!



During my declutterng of the cupboards I found a fabric I now have for years, but never used for something because it’s ‘too pretty to use’. So silly, why do I keep something that’s too pretty to use? So up and get your patterns and scissors! Fabric is for making not drooling. Do you have such fabrics in your stash? Maybe it’s time to use some of that pretty fabric? I think this phenomenon is widely know among crafters of all trade – one exception is the unicorn of crafters who only buys materials for a specific project – and nothing more!

With the shirt I’m making from this beautiful linen fabric spring and summer may arrive!


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