Cross stitch advent calendar pattern

Cross stitch advent calendar pattern

I have shown a little bit of this cross stitch piece every now and then. Now it’s finished! My cross stitch advent calendar! This pattern is part of the collaboration with my mother. She is the designer behind the motifs and I rearranged them to one picture, changed some little things and made a pattern out of it.

mother daughter

Christmas is not exactly around the corner right now, but let me tell you, it’s going to take while to stitch this one up, so it’s best to start a bit earlier then december. It took me about 2 weeks to make this one happen (the stitching alone). Some motifs are faster to make and some take their time, but at average you could do this as an actual advent calendar – one motif a day in december. This is of course if you do have time to stitch in december among all the other stuff that’s going on during that time of the year.

Getting each piece finished is kind of addictive and it’s so satisfiying to see the calendar grow. My favorite is the wreath. It was love at first sight and that’s why it’s place is right in the middle of it all.

I embroidered the numbers in gold thread, which is a pain to handle, but for such small things the effect definitely weights out the trouble. I’m very excited to see this framed in the light of

many candles when the wintertime comes.

advent calendar
advent calendar
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements (motif):
– horizontal 146 crosses – 23,36cm/9.2inch
– vertical 168 crosses – 26,88cm/10.58inch

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Anne is an embroidery enthusiast living in rural north eastern Germany.

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