1. Hi, Anne. Adding pictures to the lexicon is a great idea. Feel free to use mine, if you wish.

    By the way, it is very nice how you design each tutorial, in one picture (so very useful for Pinterest!).

  2. Hi, Anne, recently I found your blog (we’ve been following each other on Flickr for a while). I am so in love with your embroidery tutorials I just wanted to thank you.

    Soon I will share with you a picture of the wrapped herringbone stitch (have not found another name for it, and I’ve been looking around). I am embroiderying a top for me, and I am using variations of herringbone stitch.

    If you happen to see many visits from El Salvador, it is probably me!

    Let’s keeping working with the needles!

    • Oh hi Maria!
      I recognize your pretty dolls. I really admire how many different stitches you use for them. It’s nice to hear my tutorials are useful to you 🙂 I will be adding more soon, took a little summer break. I’m looking forward to see the wrapped herringbone stitch. I have thought about adding pictures to the stitch lexicon of piece where the particular stitch is used. Would that be something for you to consider?

      Have a nice week and happy stitching!

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