the stitch-lexicon

the stitch-lexicon

In my head formed a slightly monumental project lately – one which will take me a while to finish if one could ever finish. With mammoth sized projects like this I try to overthink every step before going to action so I would not have to do things twice in the end. The problem there often is, that the project becomes more and more undoable the more it grows in my head. This project now is no exception, but because it’s something I hold dear to my heart I decided to stop thinking and just start doing so it can grow as it wants.

So what is it all about? I’ve been learning and researching all things embroidery for some time now and I’m so impressed how endless the possibilities seem to be to attach a thread to a surface – isn’t it crazy? I have a really good stiching book (embroidery by Lucinda Ganderton) which contains many many embroidery stiches and which I recommend whole-heartedly to the beginner and advanced embroiderer. However it is not easy to find as many embroidery tutorials other than the basic ones in most languages other than english on the internet. I know that there are a couple of great resources in english which have a very huge part of embroidery stitches down in english and it has been very helpful for me and many other embroiderers. The one I want to highlight here is Sarah from Rocksea. I don’t know exactly, but I think she has the biggest collection of stitch tutorials (190+ stitches so far!). In the past years I have added a couple of embroidery tutorials for the more unusual stitch variations I have found in old books and of course the basic stitches.

What I feel is missing is a stitch dictionary. I’m a language enthusiast. I like knowing stuff like how is this and that named in this and that country. Maybe that’s weird, but it’s amazing how much information you can get if you don’t surf the same english websites, but try the same word in another language. Also try find the names of a special embroidery stitch in another language for the translation of your embroidery pattern – good luck with that. For example in the german net there is almost no gathered information beyond the basic stitches!


Now what am I doing now? I’m currently working on an online stitch-lexicon to which I plan to add all stitches I can find over time – you can guess why that’s not a task for one day or week or month :). The stitches will be categorized so you can easily find them, each will have a photo tutorial and if possible video tutorial. I will add the name of the stitch in every language I can find – I’m greatful for every hint or link where to find these names in languages other than german or english.

I have some other plans, but these are still in development. To start this project I have added a new page named stitch-lexicon to the tutorial section. I have written down a table of content and will add links and pictures one by one. Some stitch tutorials are already in preparation and will be published soon. I’m very much looking forward to this new part of Pumora and hope it will help discover and grow with this wonderful form of crafts.


If you can’t wait, take a look at my current embroidery tutorials, my book (german) or my video course (german).

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