7 days of stitches and the labyrinth challenge!

embroidery stitch labyrinth challenge

Remember the 7 days of stitches blog series? Every day for an entire week, I showed you one embroidery stitch in detail – how it is done, what you can use it for and inspiration on how to use it in your embroidery. As you know, there are many more than 7 embroidery stitches around. So I thought it’s time to make a part 2 of the 7 days of stitches!

Only this time, it’s time to get your embroidery needles out! During the next 14 days, I challenge you to use the embroidery stitch of the day to make a stitch sampler. Not any stitch sampler – a labyrinth sampler!

The labyrinth challenge

Sometimes the embroidery stitch world feels like a massive labyrinth to walk through without a clear path to follow. Every turn you take offers a new thing you should know or a new thing to discover. And just because I like literal word games, I thought: hm, why not making a stitch labyrinth?

How does the labyrinth challenge work?

1. You pick a piece of cloth and some threads. I like mine colorful, so I choose multiple colors. Think of rainbows, go monochrome, uni or whatever you love!

2.Download the labyrinth pattern image. Print it out in the size you want and transfer the pattern to your fabric.

3. Every day from Monday 7th to Sunday 20th I’ll post a new blog post with a tutorial of a stitch. You use this particular stitch and add a piece to the labyrinth.

4. Hop over to Instagram, show your progress and use the hashtag #stitchlabyrinth

embroidery stitch labyrinth challenge

5. After 14 days you have a beautiful stitch sampler, congratulations!

The embroidery stitches

In 2014 the first 7 days of stitches came into life and make the entry this time.

Monday: running stitch

Tuesday: back stitch

Wednesday: chain stitch

Thursday: stem stitch

Friday: french knots

Saturday: satin stitch

Sunday: herringbone stitch

Want to learn how to embroider? Let's start today with one stitch a day!

In the second week there will be 7 new stitch days with the following stitches:

Monday: blanket stitch

Tuesday: feather stitch

Wednesday: needle weaving

Thursday: cross stitch

Friday: fly stitch

Saturday: couching

Sunday: straight stitch

Want to learn how to embroider? Let's start today with one stitch a day!

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