7 days of stitches: blanket stitch

blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches


Let’s start off the series with the BLANKET STITCH. This embroidery stitch is often used for hemming blanket edges. Maybe you have/had a baby blanket that was hemmed this way, too?


How to embroider the blanket stitch

blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches

1// Imagine two parallel lines. Then think of each stitch as a rectangle. Start in the top left corner, stick the needle in the bottom right corner and pull the needle up in the top right corner of this imaginative rectangle. Make sure the thread is laying under the needle tip before you pull out the needle.


blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches

2// Repeat the first step until you have the desired amount of stitches.


blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches

3// To finish the blanket stitch, stick the needle in the top right corner of your stitch rectangle to secure the last loop of the stitch.


blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches


The blanket stitch plays a traditional role in edging and securing hems. However, it can be used for many other purposes, too. If you set the stitches very closely it is possible to cover the entire fabric underneath the stitches.

Here are 3 examples how you can use the blanket stitch for flower and leaf motifs.

Don’t mix it up with the buttonhole stitch. The terms are used interchangeably sometimes, but they are 2 completely different stitches.


Artwork showcasing this embroidery stitch

NaNeeHandembroidery – the camping embroidery pattern

NaNee hand embroidery's 'camping' embroidery pattern

Wait, there is more! Here are some great examples of embroidery featuring the BLANKET STITCH curated in a Pinterest board:

blanket stitch pinterest board

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