6+ amazing embroidery mini hoop shops you need to check out

embroidery mini hoops you need to check out!

The embroidery mini hoop – my new obsession

Can you guess I’m into miniature embroidery right now? It’s so fast to do, you don’t need a lot of materials and you can even do some destashing of the tiny pieces of fabric that are too precious to throw away but too tiny to do anything with it. So, I did a little research and almost fell off my chair when I saw how many different embroidery mini hoop variations there are! Who would have known?! From the modern laser cut to the handcrafted hoop, there are so many options out there to make your own embroidery piece shine even more.

Below you’ll find a list of Etsy shops with the most gorgeous mini hoops ever. I don’t get any money from showing this to you, I just love discovering shiny new things and sharing it with you.

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t want to fall into a shopping frenzy, this article is dangerous. Just saying.

the classic: mini embroidery hoops by DandelyneDandelyne

Sonia from Australia designed her mini embroidery hoops in 2011. Since then she refined the process and shape and created the wonderful community that surrounds the Dandelyne hoop.

You can get her hoops on Etsy and a large variety of shops worldwide.


rainbow colored embroidery mini hoop by Songthread


Nathalie’s embroidery mini hoop variations come in a huge range of colors. It’s a delight for the color lover to scroll through her shop!

I asked her if there is a story behind her hoops and she wrote:

It all got interesting when I found one of my mom’s abandoned projects when I was 13 years old. It was this old basket with birds and fall fruits. I had also mangled a Pocahontas cross stitch kit wth some free stitching.

Because I was getting bored with the kits available in shops. Not enough fantasy! not flashy enough! And what would I do with all of the ones I finished? Hang them all on the wall, to collect dust?
So I started to make these mini embroidery hoops. A way to make small patterns and carry your cross stitching with you. They are tiny and colourful!

Here is the full stack of rainbow mini hoops.


artisanal handcrafted wooden pendants by Artbase on Etsy


If you are more into the polished and craftsmanship type of things, may I introduce you to these handcrafted wooden goodies? Betty and Marcos from Florida are crafting the wonderful wooden pendants and bezel trays for their shop Artbase. They are using solid woods like Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut sometimes even mixed together. The shapes range from oval to round to leaf or even bird-shaped! Betty also told me they are introducing a brand new set of hoop style pendants especially for embroidery art in the next days (I will link them for you as soon as they are available)! UPDATE: Here they are and they are so incredibly beautiful and thought-through.


laser cut wooden embroidery mini hoops by Selina Hudson Designs on Etsy

Selina Hudson Designs

Selina from SelinaHudsonDesigns makes laser cut wooden mini hoops shaped as ovals, circles, hexagons and even polaroids! Yes, polaroids – I bet you already have ideas spinning in your head, at least I do…


playful mini embroidery hoops by thecreativemuster on Etsy

The Creative Muster

In Laura’s shop, the creative muster, you can find pink glitter mini hoops and classic wooden hoops in interesting shapes. She has some square ones, too, but look at her Instagram feed to get some ideas @thecreativemuster


wooden embroidery mini pendanty by WavyDesigns on Etsy


Kitti from WayvDesign creates various laser cut wooden embroidery mini hoop shapes and stitch forms for counted stitches like cross stitch or bargello. She uses different materials like walnut, bamboos, birch and alder wood so you can choose a lighter or darker version (choose the dark side, we have cookies! … ok, not funny …. ahem … go ahead).


3D printed mini hoops with a glow in the dark option!Starsandsunshine

Julia and her husband got themselves a 3D printer as an anniversary gift (how cool is that?!) and what else could you do with this other than making mini hoops. You can find her hoops on Etsy at Starsandsunshine.

These mini hoops come with another cool feature, too. Hold your breath: there is a glow in the dark option. WHAT? Yes, you heard me right! I was so excited I had to order one for myself because … well… did I say it’s glowing in the dark? If you want to order a glow in the dark hoop you can find them in the mini hoop listing under the color option ‘glow blue’. For a 4 or 6 inch version contact her for a custom listing.


Want to read more about hoops?

Read more about hoops – big and small – in my Embroidery Hoop Talk blog series. Also, here is a list with lots of embroidery hoop shops sorted by country.

 Pimp your embroidery hoop

Register for my online course Pimp your embroidery hoop – the ultimate toolbox to make your embroidery shine. Right now, it’s up for the pre-sale price until the course will be available on July 12th. Read more about it here.

Pimp your embroidery hoop

Need some inspiration? Here is a Pinterest board with lots and lots of mini hoop designs for you to enjoy:

embroidery mini hoop pinterest board

6 amazing embroidery mini hoop shops you'll need to check out


Anne is an embroidery enthusiast living in rural north eastern Germany.


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  6. LOL, posts like this should come with a disclaimer: any addictions caused are the sole responsibility of the reader :).

    • Haha, I will add that!
      I’m so tempted to buy them all and create a collection of mini hoops just to look at them all day.

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