Feathers embroidery pattern

feathers embroidery pattern by Pumora

This feathers embroidery pattern is an oldie of mine. One summer I got really obsessed with doodling many many tiny drawings of one theme. One was wizards (think the surroundings of Harry Potter), then there were kitchen and garden tools, of course, a sheet with crafting supplies and one was this feathery one. It’s so fun to brain storm the many shapes and sizes feathers can be.

In the course of updating all of my older embroidery patterns, the feather embroidery pattern got a whole new make over! It now includes lots of additional instructions on how to transfer and embroider this pattern. Also, I wanted to make it in another color palette (it has been brown, yellow, and white before). How do you like the blue one?

The new version of the feathers embroidery pattern is available now on Etsy

It’s a beginner level pattern. All you need to know is the back stitch. Well, and patience – if you want to stitch the whole thing. I have included a medium and a large size (you can see the large size in the pictures below). It would also be cool to use individual feathers to stitch on cushion covers, clothes or towels. In a way, you get about 50 different patterns in one.

feathers embroidery pattern by Pumora

You can see the process of this project over on Instagram if you like to see more pictures and ramblings on transfer pens or how to finish off an embroidery.


feathers embroidery pattern by Pumora

feathers embroidery pattern by Pumora


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