Flower embroidery day 2: Daisies

Flower Embroidery Days: daisies

Welcome to day 2 of the flower embroidery days! The name lazy daisy already reveals which flower it wants to mimic: the daisy. By altering the stitch length and amount you can create all kinds of long petal flowers! Here are some examples:

lazy daisy flower tutorial

lazy daisy flower tutoriallazy daisy flower tutorial

These kinds of flowers are so fast to whip up – give them a try! You can make really small or large ones, many petals or just three. Leave a gap in the middle (like in the first tutorial) and fill it up with straight stitches or french knots. Mix up long and short stitches or use different colors – this flower makes it so easy to go crazy and try new things out. If you came up with a creative way of making a daisy flower, I would love to see it!

Do you need some further inspiration?

I invite you to join the Flower Embroidery Enthusiasts Board over at Pinterest! It’s a group board so contact me if you would like to add your creations, too! There are lots of chain stitch flowers/lazy daisies on it, too, so make sure to take a look.

The flower embroidery days: preparations

This article is part of the flower embroidery days. Go to this post for all flower-embroidery tutorials!




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