Flower embroidery day 3: Going 3D

Flower Embroidery Days: going 3D

Let’s talk about the most fun part of embroidery: Going 3D! Embroidery in itself is much more plastic than pure drawing or painting, but there are stitches and methods to raise this medium to another level.

Woven picot petals

The woven picot petal creates a triangle, that is attached on the long end and the tip is completely disconnected from the fabric. Arrange it in a circle to make beautiful blossoms or side by side for tulips, artichokes, lotus or other flowers with pointy petals. If you want to overlap the petals, make sure to embroider the ones in the back first and then add the layers above.

picot flower tutorial
picot flower tutorial

The tassel flower

There are plenty of flowers in nature which are soft and fuzzy. The tassel flower gives you the means to portrait them properly. You can leave the ends in loops or cut them up for the fuzzy/fringe look.

tassel flower tutorial

Do you want to know more about flowers?

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  1. Can you please explain this better? Thank you 🙂

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  3. What type of material are we using for this embroidery

    • Hi,
      you can use anything for this really. I used artificial silk from my vintage stash which was a little bit tricky to work with. Plain 6 stranded cotton thread or pearl cotton works great.

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