Flower embroidery day 4: blanket stitch flowers

Flower Embroidery Days: blanket stitch flowers

Blanket stitch is a wonderful stitch for open and large motifs. You can use the blanket stitch to fill areas completely or partially. The smaller the space between stitches, the more of the underground fabric you will cover. Blanket stitch is a very economic stitch, leaving not much thread in the back, but a lot on the front. It works best with rounded shapes, like ovals or circles, but also scalloped edges.

Blanket stitch flower tutorials for you to try


Blanket stitch flower tutorialBlanket stitch flower tutorialBlanket stitch for other shapes

You can use the blanket stitch for other shapes, too. Here is a version to create leaves. Blanket stitch works great for bigger shapes. Teeny tiny things are not it’s strong suit, so go bigger with them!

Blanket stitch leaf tutorial

The Flower video series

If you enjoy flower embroidery, you might like my newer flower series with video tutorials! Hop over here to see the full list of flowers.

All flower tutorials are available as an ebook on Etsy, too. Click here to get your own.

flower embroidery ebook

Flower Embroidery Days

This post is part of the Flower Embroidery days. Go to this post for the links to all flower embroidery tutorials of this series.


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