The flower embroidery days

The flower embroidery days: preparations

The flower embroidery days

For the next 5 days, I will present you 5 stitches to use for your flower embroidery projects. Each day you will be treated with a method to create a certain flower look and provides some sample shapes of flowers, so you can start right away and try it out!

flower embroidery tutorials

This is the flower embroidery curriculum:

Saturday: The round flower

Sunday: Daisies

Monday: Going 3D

Tuesday: blanket stitch flowers

Wednesday: Satin stitch flowers

The Flower video series

If you enjoy flower embroidery, you might like my newer flower series with video tutorials! Hop over here to see the full list of flowers.

All flower tutorials are available as an ebook on Etsy, too. Click here to get your own.

flower embroidery ebook


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  3. What type of embroidery thread do you use thank u glinda

    • Hi Glinda,
      the thread I’m using is a vintage pearl cotton with a sheen much like fake silk. However, you can use any kind of materials for flower embroidery. I use the thicker threads for tutorials because they are easier to photograph.
      Have a nice week,

  4. Hi Anne, greetings from the North Somerset coast in the UK. I have only this evening discovered your wonderful site and send my huge thanks for your kindness and generosity in sharing your inspirational pages. So much to see! So much to do! It really is fabulous “Thank you”!

  5. I;’d love to sing up – but can’t understand the login information – English please !

    Gail J.

  6. I like flower embroidery very much. These are really very artistic. I like embroidered clothes so much and yes this blog is very very helpful for me.

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  10. Lovely i am completely new to this and woukd to learn more

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