Get your own embroidery stitch lexicon

Get your embroidery stitch lexicon ebook

Last weekend, I went to visit my grandparents in the mountains. It was great to see them again. Also, to show my kids and husband where I have spent all of my childhood summer days with my little sisters.

Then I realized, the internet there was terrible. I was prepared to confront a slow connection so it didn’t bother me that much. In the end, I was there for the company and the place – not the WLAN. And then you just want to look something up… and you can’t.

The idea behind the embroidery stitch lexicon being freely available online was and is to make the embroidery stitch tutorials accessible from all over the world. Where ever you are – traveling around – being at home – at a workshop – if you have access to the internet you can look up all the stitches of the lexicon.

So what happens, if you can’t access the internet or your internet is extremely slow because you have exceeded your monthly bandwidth, or your bandwidth is very expensive? Right, no lexicon or slow-lexicon (sorry, I just couldn’t resist this pun). Soooo, what if the embroidery stitch lexicon could be available offline, too?

Get your embroidery stitch lexicon ebook

You can get your own embroidery stitch lexicon ebook right now!

It took some time to assemble all 206 embroidery stitch tutorials and it feels like an era coming to an end. What is an ending for me is a beginning for you. I hope this resource helps you to find and use embroidery stitches in your precious pieces. All tutorials of the lexicon are now available as an ebook called: The embroidery stitch lexicon.

This is included:

The embroidery stitch lexicon ebook is 84 pages and includes all embroidery stitches of the online version to this date plus the final 5 tutorials that are going live this Saturday.

○ 206 step-by-step photo tutorials of embroidery stitches
○ 16 overview photo pages of all embroidery stitch families
○ the names of all 206 embroidery stitches

It is a PDF so you will need an app or program to read PDFs like Acrobat Reader.

You can buy it over on Etsy: The embroidery stitch lexicon.

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