beginner embroidery pattern collection: Love³

Love³ embroidery pattern collection

Love love love – or Love³. May I present you the first embroidery pattern set of this year! You might have guessed it, it’s all about love. Let’s take a look:

Hint: Tomorrow starts a new series of tutorials to celebrate the Love³ embroidery collection, so stay tuned! It’s all about flowers and greenery this time and if you scroll down to the pattern page display you can see a little sneak peek of how they look like 😉

All you need is love – and coffee

This pattern is for the coffee lover! I hung this piece directly at my desk to remind me, that my morning coffee is not just a commodity to keep me awake. It is way more than that! The first cup of freshly brewed coffee (my hubby makes the most delicious one for me every day) is a connecting between the both of us. He has to get up earlier than me and when I stand up he is already heading to work. This warm cup of hot water filled with the essence of coffee beans is his love note to me every day.

Let’s all have a little reminder on our walls, our workspace, that coffee is not just coffee, and love is not just the big movie gestures. It’s the small things that connect us with our loved ones every day – with family, with friends, with our children, our pets, our co-workers, our partners.

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PS: I know not everybody is a coffee person like me. For you, I added a “tea” and “cocoa” version in the pattern, too.

  Love - embroidery collection by Pumora

Love is all around

This pattern was supposed to look totally different and then I played with the infinity symbol and immediately thought of the flight path of a bee et voilá! I must say the bees are my absolute favorite. I made an extra photo tutorial for the pattern so yours will look as cute for sure 😀

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If you have not yet worked with one of my beginner embroidery patterns, here is how they look inside:

Love - embroidery collection by Pumora


Omnia Vincit Amor

This latin saying means ‘Love conquers all’. My first encounter with these three words was in form of an engraved metal button. I have worn this button for many years on a pair of pants (right after that I met my partner) and it’s still a treasure I keep for something special to use again.

When I planned the Love³ collection ‘Omnia Vincit Amor’ was the first thing coming into my mind and it set the starting point for all the other ideas coming afterward.
In the photo you see it stretched on a square frame instead of an embroidery hoop. I’m testing new things for displaying and find it quite refreshing to change things up a bit.

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Love - embroidery collection by Pumora



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