Online course: Pimp your embroidery hoop

pimp your embroidery hoop

Pimp your embroidery hoop – the ultimate toolbox to let your embroidery shine is now available! I’m so excited to share all the things I have learned about embroidery hoops and how to use them to your advantage.

Let’s fast-forward the hoop mistakes

You see, I have done many rookie mistakes on my long embroidery journey. Like, getting the fabric tension wrong. I see this mistake very often on beginner embroiderer’s hoops and it breaks my heart every time because I know that feeling. When you spent hours and hours stitching and in the hoop, it looks perfect, but when you take it out of the hoop the perfectly round shape suddenly tilts. This happened to me with a compass design that included hundreds of french knots. HUNDREDS! It was nerve-wrecking and so a.v.o.i.d.a.b.l.e!

pimp your embroidery hoop

What’s in the course?

Pimp your embroidery hoop is centered around that one thing: to make your embroidery the star of the show. The hoop is there to help to stitch your embroidery neatly and presenting it afterward. It’s your best friend in embroidery. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little bit. But the truth is: Embroidery hoops are great IF you know how to use them properly.

So this course is not (only) about how great hoops are.

This is included:

  • the types of hoops, how to use them and where to get them – and what to look for when buying a new one
  • what hoop size you need for stitching and framing
  • how to bind a hoop and why
  • why tension is important and how to achieve it
  • why and how to add padding
  • 3 different backing methods
  • wrapping, taping, painting, drawing a hoop – this is the fun part
  • how to choose the right customization for your hoop
  • simple tips and tricks to decorate your home with embroidery art

This course is for beginners and post-beginner embroidery people. If you still have some issues with the outcome of your embroidery (meaning you think your stitches could look a little bit neater) and/or want to have a truly unique embroidery hoop – this course is for you! This course teaches you how to channel the power of the hoop to your advantage and create great frames for your embroidery art.

The course will go live tomorrow, but you can still pre-order it for the pre-sale price. Also, I already published the first 3 chapters today, so you can take a look right after enrolling to class.

pimp your embroidery hoop

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