stitch lexicon round 15

lexicon of embroidery stitches

This weekend, the lexicon comes even closer to 150 stitch tutorials. What a number! Around this time last year the idea formed to document all embroidery stitches.

How it all began

When I look back, I wonder how I could even think of this crazy idea to document all embroidery stitches. But to be honest with you, I didn’t think that much about it then. There was this desire to absorb new stuff like a sponge and dive deep into something.

Back then I made a list to get an overview of all embroidery stitches I could find – and found out quickly that this would be interesting.

The following conversation with my partner during the list making process says it all:

Darling, I think this project I’m planning is going to take a while.” “What, why?” ” Well, I have already found over 100 stitches.” “Oh, ok, then you have something to do, right?”

A little bit later: “Daaaaarling? Did I reeeeaaaally say I wanted to learn them all?” “Yes you did.” “Do I have to?” “Leave me out of this. YOU wanted to do it!”

A little bit later: “Two-hundred-and-two” “What? “I think I want to cry, there are over 200 stitches.” He just grins way too broad.

Monster projects and how to tame them

You see, sometimes things take an unexpected turn and a small project turns from a nice little occupation to a massive beast to tame. It’s for you to decide if you are crazy enough to tame it anyways or leave it be! Many monster projects do have the potential to eat you whole and spit you out again – that’s why we avoid tackling them most of the time. The thought to fail is what makes it so daring and it can either encourage or discourage you to pursue it.

We don’t need a monster project on our back all the time but from time to time it brings a fresh breeze into our lives. For today it’s enough to just try out the new embroidery stitches.

Pick up a piece of fabric, needle and thread and stitch!

Do you have a monster project you are tackling right now or consider doing? Or what monster craft project did you manage to finish off that you are very proud of?
Write a comment below and tell! I would love to hear your experiences. What were the struggles you had or are having with your personal monster project?

The new stitches

lexicon of embroidery stitches

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