Stitch lexicon round 16

stitch lexicon round 16

Spring Stitches

Is it Saturday already? Time passed by so fast during the last 2 weeks! There is so much happening around here and spring makes the trees slowly greenish again. The other day my son and I drove through our lane and I said to him I could even imagine how the trees were looking like in summer. We are so used to the barren silhouettes! A couple of days later there are leaves and plum blossoms everywhere and my garden shoots up the first spring onions as a messenger for the wonderful things to come.

This week on Instagram I talked about embroidery hoops and what different kinds there are – metal, wood, plastic, square, oval, round – you name it! There are some good tipps in the comments, so make sure to read them (and comment!), too. I also talked about bad quality hoops and what to look for in good quality hoops. I have written an article back in 2014 about quality embroidery hoops and how to find them. If you are having trouble finding a good one (especially when buying online), this article: How to find the perfect embroidery hoop will definetly help you! So on to the lexicon, shall we?

The following stitches made it into round 16:

Click on the stitch names to access the tutorials directly.


stitch lexicon round 16

PS: I have been redesigning the website and it is very much fun to spruce up everything. As it happens with technology there are always side effects which occur and do things they shouldn’t or not do but should. In case you are currently getting to an error page from time to time, I’m so sorry for that! I’m working on it so you don’t get annoying errors anymore!

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