The Embroidery Stitch Family Guide & stitch lexicon round 23

the embroidery stitch family guide by Pumora

Thank you!

During the past months, the embroidery stitch lexicon has not only grown in tutorials, it has brought many friendly people into my life. I appreciate your kind words, interesting questions and words of encouragement so much! The people in the world around me often don’t get the whole embroidery thing I’m into.

Knowing there are people in this world who do get it, who pick their brain about which stitches to use with the same joy and enthusiasm like me, who sit over the choice of which color of thread to use, who love to sit for hours and move the needle up and down, up and down – to be part of this magical and great community of embroiderers makes me very happy.

To celebrate embroidery and the stitch lexicon I have prepared a special goodie for you!

The Embroidery Stitch Family Guide

The Embroidery Stitch Family Guide is an ebook with all overview pictures of all stitch families in the lexicon. Additionally to every picture (or family portrait as I like to think of them), all embroidery stitch names are included to make it easy for you to find out which stitch is which.

The Embroidery Stitch Family Guide contains:

  • 16 overview pages of all stitch families
  • all names of the embroidery stitches for each stitch family overview page

If you are looking for the complete ebook with all 206 stitch tutorials, too, the Stitch Lexicon Ebook is the right thing for you. You can buy it over on Etsy or Craftsy.

the embroidery stitch family guide by Pumora


  1. I do not understand how to “grab” the Stitch Family Guide. Do I download it or only look at it online at your website? And is it different than the Stitch Lexicon? I’m very confused.

    • Hi Gail,
      you can get the Stitch family guide here:
      The difference between the paid stitch lexicon and the free stitch family guide is that the free pdf includes the 16 overview pages of all stitch families and the names of all stitches.
      However, the Stitch Lexicon includes all overview pages plus all 206 stitch tutorials.
      I wish you a great week,

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