stitch lexicon round 25

stitch lexicon round 25

First of all: yes I know, it’s not Saturday. This Friday I will go visit my grand parents in the mountains for the weekend – making it impossible to access the internet the way I need it on Saturday. So I decided to publish this round of the stitch lexicon today instead of Sunday when we will be back.

Two hundred and one stitch tutorials. This is the 25th round of the stitch lexicon and in 2 weeks will be the final round. YES! FINAL! I have some specials coming during the next weeks, so keep your eye on my Instagram feed and the blog. Also, the stitch labyrinth challenge is running right now. If you want to use more than 2-3 stitches and need some practice, you will love this! Go here for more information.

The new embroidery stitches of the stitch lexicon

stitch lexicon round 25

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