The Embroidery Hoop Talk & HUGE Hoop Giveaway!

the embroidery hoop talk

Exciting news my dear fellow embroidery enthusiast: The next week is all about embroidery hoops! How to use them, what hoops there are, how to finish off in a hoop, where you can buy good quality ones and most exciting of all: a giveaway of 8 wonderful Pumora-approved embroidery hoops! But I’m getting ahead of myself, slow down Anne, have I said how excited I am?

The Embroidery Hoop Talk

The Embroidery Hoop Talk is a series of articles all around embroidery hoops. It has started 2014 with the first articles about how to find a good quality hoop and how to find the perfect size of hoop for you.

Between Monday and Friday next week the series continues! Jam packed with lots of information around our beloved embroidery hoops. Let’s tackle the pro and cons of different embroidery hoops, how to finish off in a hoop, how to hang embroidery wall art without nails (apartment people, I hear you!) and more.

The Embroidery Hoop Talk Plan

On Monday we start with the Who is Who of Hoops. What kinds of embroidery hoops are there, how to use them and what are their pros and cons. In the meantime, you can sign up for the hoop giveaway and read the 2 previous articles to get started.

  1. All about size
  2. How to find the perfect embroidery hoop – or what to look for when buying a new embroidery hoop
  3. The Who is Who of Hoops (Monday)
  4. Finishing an embroidery piece in a hoop (Tuesday)
  5. Hanging hoop art without nails (Wednesday)
  6. Extraordinary Hoops and where to find them (Thursday)
  7. Giveaway winner announcement (Friday)

embroidery hoop giveaway

Embroidery Hoop Giveaway

***This Giveaway is over!***

To celebrate the embroidery hoop days I have prepared something special for you:

The huge Embroidery Hoop Giveaway! Between today (May 6th) and Friday (May 12th) next week you can enter to win this selection of 8 embroidery hoops.

Let’s see what’s in there:

  • 2 wooden embroidery hoops 18cm/7inch and 10cm/4inch by DMC
  • 1 flexi hoop in white 18×12,5cm/7x5inch by DMC
  • 2 white hexagon hoop frames 16cm/6.3inch by Easy Street
  • 1 blue square hoop frame 13cm/5inchby Easy Street
  • 2 mini hoops 2.5cm/1inch and 4cm/1.6inch by Dandelyne

How do you enter? Go over to Instagram and like my giveaway post and comment that you want to participate. That’s it!

Entries start today until Friday, May 12th 2017, 2PM EST.

***This Giveaway is over!***

the embroidery hoop talk

The Ultimate Hoop Guide

The Ultimate Hoop Guide - free printable with all the important data about wooden embroidery hoops

Can’t remember all the stuff about hoops? Get your free printable with all the rules of thumb and measurements about embroidery hoops!

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